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-♥ Like Me? NocturnalKitten Art~

Looks like the new layout is out of beta now.
Does it seem like some of these pages are trying to be a dA green Tumblr or am I going crazy?

The top bar looks more organized at least. Just gotta get used to it now. |D


|....... I will never forget you .......|
|.. My Pet, My Friend, My Savior ..|
|..... ~My Beloved Smokey~ .....|
|..July 1, 1992 - October 5, 2007..|

Lunaise Chronicles by :iconnocturnalkitten-art: (W.i.P).:diny:
- Oryon's Prophecy
- Prologue: Birth of Prophecy
- Chapter 1: Seventeen
- Chapter 2: The Madman
- Chapter 3: Unwelcome Embrace
- Chapter 4: Awakening
- Chapter 5: Desolation
- Chapter 6: Cleansed
- Chapter 7: Budding Rivalry

Tears of the Heart by :iconunknown-rysol: (Being Rewritten). :halfliquid:

Forbidden Love by :iconnocturnalkitten-art: (Unfinished). :boing:
I think I'll start working on this again but Lunaise Chronicles
definitely takes priority if I'm not in the mood to work on this.

_:damphyr: NocturnalKitten~ :frail:

:iconnocturnalkitten-art: ~*:heart:*~ :iconunknown-rysol:
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Shel K. Riddle
Name: Shel K. Riddle

Age: 23
B-Day: October 25th

Status: Married
Love: Ryune Riddle
His dA: Unknown-RySol

Best Friend: Sarai.

Color: Warm and Neutral
Time: Midnight
Hand: Both (Right pref)
Other: NocturnalKitten

"I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,
To die upon the hand I love so well." --Shakespeare


My Tumblr~!


Inktober - Kitai Attitude by NocturnalKitten-Art
Inktober - Kitai Attitude
I tried to make the lines look better without having to retake the pic.
Looks a little better at least. :/
SIGH. >:l
Originally posted to my Instagram:

Ffs. I give up, get distracted, then start doodling again, AND THIS HAPPENS.
THIS is more like what I was TRYING to draw for the past several hours (except originally I was going with her vampire repellant cross collar but messed up and went with her scarfed look instead, talk about convenient, lol).
Oh, and if another pen quits working mid-line, it's getting a flying lesson across the room. Ugh.


Image © Me
Inktober - Alice by NocturnalKitten-Art
Inktober - Alice
Adjusted the colors. I feel better now.

:iconjack-kaiser:'s character Alice (In the Middle - Red Autumn). :3
Forgot her scars till the pic was basically done and didn't add them when i remembered cause i didn't wanna mess up and have to redraw. x_x;
Originally posted to my Instagram:

A good friend's character, Alice, whom I haven't been confident enough to draw but I decided I'd give her a shot today.
Kinda tried to make her look like something caught her eye and she'd swung around a doorway or something for a double-take.
My friend's art is amazing btw, seriously, look him up:


Alice McClintock © Jack-Kaiser
Image © Me
Inktober - Mick and Molly by NocturnalKitten-Art
Inktober - Mick and Molly
I have determined that these two are adorable.
That is all~
Originally posted to my Instagram:

And MOAR of Jack’s characters! Because yes.
Mick (McKayla) and Molly! I was originally gonna do each separately but it just didn’t seem right to me. :3
Jack thought McKayla up but from what I understood, she’s played by
Also, this link:, cause awesomesauce.
This one took way too long to do, lol (still need to work on pics of multiple chars too, they seem to look rigid more than not).


Molly © Jack-Kaiser
McKayla (Mick) © Jack-Kaiser (and Tiki-The-Troll?)
Image © Me
Inktober - Petrii by NocturnalKitten-Art
Inktober - Petrii
:icontiki-the-troll:'s character Petrii (Surprise Round).
I finally did this one too! |D
Originally posted to my Instagram:

Huzzah! This is another friend ('s character, Petrii!
She was amusing to draw, even if my pen did refuse to work and I had to hunt my Pigma Micron or whatever pens out. The pen size I wanted was dry though so I just went over the lines a couple times. Also, don't have pale pink marker so I used highlighter instead. -w-
I'm way sure I made the ballberrings in her hair too big too. Whoops. : x


Petrii Zahtryn © Tiki-The-Troll
Image © Me
Inktober - Nelika by NocturnalKitten-Art
Inktober - Nelika
I've officially finished the characters I've made avatars for on SL.
Aurin and Luna's pics came out best imo.
... Hm. What to do next, I wonder.
Originally posted to my Instagram:

Today's inktober is my (currently unused) wild elf, Nelika Lightfoot/Mistwalker.
... And apparently it's 3:30 am tomorrow. I should really head to bed now.


Image © Me

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